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Financial implications of gray divorces in Missouri

People who live in the St. Charles area may have anticipated that whenever a widely publicized divorce case is featured in the news, it is about celebrities who have substantial assets However, couples aged 50 years and above who decide to divorce may also be regarded as seeking a high-asset divorce. This may be true if retirement plans, pensions and a 401(k) plan are taken into account.

Divorcing parents may reduce conflict by focusing on kids

Parents that focus on their children instead of the past relationship problems are likely to become better parents, according to Dr. Marilyn Coleman, a Human Development and Family Studies professor at the University of Missouri. Learning to communicate with each other regarding issues regarding the kids seemed to impact communication in other areas and may lead to less contentious child custody disputes.

Stevie Wonder files for divorce from fashion designer wife

Missouri residents may be interested to know that renowned soul singer, Stevie Wonder, and his wife, fashion designer Kai Millard Morris, have decided to end their marriage. Wonder filed divorce papers on July 26 after 11 years of marriage.

Randy Jackson owes delinquent child support for adult children

Family law issues can be complicated, and this is true even for celebrities. According to a recent report, the youngest brother in the world-famous Jackson family, Randy Jackson, now owes $500,000 in delinquent child support payments to the mother of two of his children, Alejandra Oaziaza. Their children are now 22 and 20 years old.

A trust can be used to protect assets in a Missouri divorce

By the time a couple files for a divorce in Missouri, it is often too late to take steps to protect either one's assets before the property division is made. So before a couple gets married, it is important to think about how they want to handle property and financial interests.

Missouri grandparents can seek visitation rights

Grandparents sometimes face a loss of visitation rights with grandchildren following a divorce if the grandparents' child is the non-custodial parent. However, in recent years, the law has expanded with regard to visitation rights for grandparents throughout the country, including Missouri.

Tips for custodial parents in Missouri looking to relocate

Tough economic times often require parents to relocate their current residence for employment or for less expensive housing. When the relocating parent is the custodial parent following a divorce, there are a number of issues that must be addressed before parent and child make the move.

How should older Missouri residents divide marital property?

These days divorce is a possibility for people of all ages, not just young adults. Missouri residents may be interested in a recent study showing that, in 2009, a quarter of all divorces involved people who were over age 50. The same study revealed that, from 1990 to 2009, the divorce rate among older adults doubled. Given that older people who go through a divorce have typically accumulated some assets over the years, how do these statistics relate to the question of dividing marital property?

How do financial affidavits work in Missouri divorces?

In Missouri, when a couple decides to divorce, both parties will need to provide information detailing their individual incomes, expenditures, liabilities and assets. To do this, financial affidavit forms are necessary. Even a divorce involving very few assets and liabilities can be daunting, but when high assets or major debts are involved, filing a financial affidavit can seem downright overwhelming.

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