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What do child support payments cover?

Depending on the type of child custody order that was issued by the court, child support payments may be issued to the custodial parent in an effort to help offset the costs of taking care of a child. Each state, including Missouri, has established specific guidelines for child support. These guidelines take into consideration all the costs associated with the upbringing of a child.

We put children's well-being first in child-custody disputes

Children are often caught in the middle when their parents decide to separate or end their marriage. Any Missouri resident who has dealt with child custody issues understands that the process is difficult. Few parents want to be separated from their children, but in many divorces child-custody disputes are inevitable given the clash between parents. In general, decisions and arrangements about custody and visitation rights can be made by both parents; if not, a court will decide for them.

How parents can resolve child custody disputes more peacefully

Many Missouri residents are familiar with the issues that typically arise during divorce. When people discuss child custody disputes, they are generally referring to parents who are battling over certain issues such as visitation or particular custody arrangements. When a divorce is particularly contentious, drawing up a parenting plan can be difficult. To avoid this, parents should understand that they are the ones who hold the key to a successful parenting plan that determines both custody and visitation. Without their cooperation, child custody issues can prolong their entire divorce process.

Relocation is a complex process in child custody cases

In St. Charles, Missouri, couples who have experienced divorce can relate to the unique challenges of the legal process, especially when children are caught in the middle. During a divorce, parents should have one goal and that is to provide the best possible custody arrangement for the children. Sometimes, parents forget the golden rule of child custody cases, which is to put the best interests of the child first. If that happens, the result can be a contentious custody battle. This is especially true when parents are discussing relocation or moving away from their current geographical location.

Successful co-parenting in Missouri divorce

As the divorce is being finalized, many St. Charles, Missouri, readers may think that all conflicts and legal battles that accompany it end as well. However, if the divorce involves a child, then agreements must be made as to how to raise and care for the child.

Considering summer vacations in child custody agreements

A divorce process can seriously affect the children, and especially their growth and relationships with their parents. To reduce the impact on the children, some parents from St. Charles, Missouri, include co-parenting provisions in their child custody agreements. This is to ensure that both parents can continue to take part in watching the children grow and be there for them at every step.

Basketball player faces further child custody disputes

Many St. Charles, Missouri, residents may follow celebrity news. The fact that child custody issues revolve around the best interests of the child may cause famous people in the midst of a divorce to want to win custody of their children to promote their good image. For instance, NBA star Dwayne Wade may face more problems regarding the custody of his two sons with his former wife. The star's ex-wife claims that Wade never supplied the children with the asthma medication they needed.

Grandparents will fight for custody of grandchild in Missouri

Parents in St. Charles, Missouri, who are headed toward divorce, may face a series of adversities throughout the process. Divorcing parents may become embroiled in a child custody battle in order to determine who wins custody of the child and who will be the parent to pay child support. However, in cases in which both parents have died or become incapable of raising their child, grandparents and other relatives may step up to gain custody of the child.

Establishing paternity to preserve child-custody rights

According to many researchers, children lead more stable lives when they have mature and constant fathers or father figures early in life. Still, during a child-custody dispute, many people assume that only a mother can provide the best and most nurturing environment. Establishing or certifying paternity enables the rights of a father to be exercised in custody, support and visitation issues anywhere in the country, including St. Charles County.

Tips for custodial parents in Missouri looking to relocate

Tough economic times often require parents to relocate their current residence for employment or for less expensive housing. When the relocating parent is the custodial parent following a divorce, there are a number of issues that must be addressed before parent and child make the move.

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