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How offering paid paternity leave may help women in the workforce

In the United States, including the St. Charles, Missouri, area, the federal Family and Medical Leave Act allows employees to take an extended unpaid leave to care for newborn or recently adopted children, and family members with serious medical needs. The law is most often utilized by pregnant women and recent mothers, but is also applicable to new fathers as well.

Understanding your paternity rights in Missouri

In St. Charles County, Missouri, and throughout the country, if a child is born to an unmarried couple, the child does not have a legal father. A biological father must first establish paternity, at which time, the father's name will be included on the child's birth certificate. Establishing paternity is also important for a father to be able to include his child under his health insurance plan, as well as for Social Security and Veterans benefits in the event of the father dying or becoming disabled.

The importance of discussing paternity cases

Nowadays, unmarried fathers from Missouri and elsewhere in the nation are becoming more involved in raising their children. This is true especially in child custody disputes, where fathers are now seeking shared custody. However, not all fathers find it easy to deal with custody cases, especially if they were not acknowledged as the biological father of the children. Paternity must be established first before fathers can fight for the custody of their children. Parents, both mothers and fathers, must understand that the involvement of both parental figures can benefit their children.

Unmarried father finds it difficult to exercise parental rights

Most Saint Charles, Missouri, parents are keen on bringing up their children. However, this can prove challenging for unmarried fathers. A bachelor can find it difficult to exercise his parental rights if he is not married to his child's mother. An unmarried father recently faced this trauma when he realized his girlfriend had given away the child for adoption and that he had no paternal rights over the child.

Paternity issues take center stage in actor's custody case

A movie actor meets a massage therapist. Eventually, they decide to have a baby through artificial means and are successful. They drift apart and a child custody case ensues. Although this may seem like a plot line from a dramatic film, readers from St. Charles, Missouri, may recognize the story as the case of Jason Patric and former lover, Danielle Schreiber. Unlike any movie, their story still has to find its happy ending.

Incorrect blood results lead to allegations of negligence

When there is confusion about the identity of a child's biological parent, paternity tests are often used to clarify the issue. Missouri readers may find of interest the recent story of a California woman who recently filed a lawsuit against a hospital for misinterpreting DNA results.

Ludacris files petition to prove paternity

Most St. Charles fathers want to be involved in their children's upbringing. However, fathers who are not married to their children's mother can find this a challenge. Nowadays, both celebrities and everyday people alike can be faced with this same predicament.

Paternity: a child needs both parents

Traditionally, the ideal household includes a father, a mother and a child, but times have changed. Single parents now run many American households, including those in St. Charles, Missouri. In many of those homes, a single mother acts as the custodial parent of the child and the provider for the family.

Demonstrating the importance of paternity for single fathers

Many Missouri residents may have heard about the increasing number of single mothers in the United States. Such a scenario is considerably common, because mothers are often awarded custody of their children. However, as the number of single mothers increases, more fathers are facing scrutiny regarding their parental rights and the responsibilities to children.

Establishing paternity, access to a father's rights

The issue of paternity may not concern St. Charles fathers who were married when their child was born and are now getting divorced. However, unmarried fathers or those who have yet to establish their paternity have something in common with divorced fathers, which is fathers' rights.

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