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Tips to help children come to terms with new custody arrangements

Missouri parents who are going through a divorce often find it difficult to come to an agreement on child custody and visitation orders. One parent thinks a particular plan is fair, while the other parent doesn't. In fact, that kind of conflict is normal, even if emotions tend to run high. But parents often have to remind themselves that the process of separation is also a particularly confusing time for the children. That means some careful thought and consideration may be required to ensure a sense of security and well-being for the kids.

Some basic guidelines for managing assets after a divorce

During many relationships that eventually end in divorce, the spouses divvy up household responsibilities according to personal interests and abilities. Usually, one person will oversee the family finances while the other spouse tends to other matters. A couple's particular system can work well for a time, but after a divorce, when marital property has to be divided, each individual may face a learning curve as he or she tries to account for the duties that used to belong to the former spouse.

What are the specific challenges of divorce for people over 50?

While the divorce rate in America has generally declined over the past two decades, a recent study indicates that for one group of Americans -- those over the age of 50 -- the divorce rate has actually doubled. Readers in Missouri will be interested to hear of a recent study called "The Gray Divorce Revolution," which shows that of all the people who divorced in 2009, one in four was 50 or older.

Who will have pet custody after a divorce?

For many parents in St. Charles who are going through a divorce, child custody and visitation rights are likely at the top of the list of concerns. But children are not the only members of the family whom parents have to consider when dividing responsibilities. Beloved family pets are also part of the equation, and sometimes determining who will care for a family pet requires some very emotional decision-making.

Some options concerning child support in Missouri

St. Charles residents who owe or receive child support payments may be interested in a couple of statistics. Right now, there are over 313,000 child support orders in the state of Missouri, and Missouri parents are owed more than $2 billion in back payments for child support.

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