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April 2012 Archives

Family says Missouri lawmakers weakened day-care safety bill

A plethora of factors have to be considered when parents and family law courts in Missouri decide on how much money a non-custodial parent should pay for child support. In addition to everyday costs, child support calculations might include health insurance, college costs, extracurricular expenses, special medical needs and day care, just to name a few.

Child custody and adoption issues in question in Missouri

Gone are the days when it was rare for an unmarried woman to give birth to a child. In our modern culture many babies are born to women who may or may not be in a committed relationship with the child's father. With changing attitudes and cultural shifts, it can be difficult to determine the legal rights that individuals possess in certain circumstances.

High asset divorce: man's appeal to alter settlement thrown out

Readers in St. Charles will be interested to hear that a court recently threw out a man's appeal to change his divorce settlement six years after the agreement was signed. The case has made headlines mainly because of its connection to the Bernie Madoff scandal but also for the sizable amounts of money involved. Missouri residents who are going through a divorce and have significant monetary assets may want to take note.

Complex divorce proceedings require clear communication

Failed communication has been cited as the top reason for divorce in the United States. That may not be surprising to St. Charles residents who are going through a divorce. But when the lines of communication break down, or when one party tends to dominate the conversation, frustrations too often reach a boiling point that neither person wants to see.

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