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May 2012 Archives

Lincoln County child support program gets continued funding

As many St. Charles parents who have gone through a divorce know, child support is a very important resource for those families who receive it. Unfortunately, all too often child support payments go unpaid, leaving many parents and children left to struggle financially. For these people, there are resources available to help collect unpaid child support, and our neighbors in Lincoln County may be happy to hear that the Child Support Court program was just awarded continued funding.

How do financial affidavits work in Missouri divorces?

In Missouri, when a couple decides to divorce, both parties will need to provide information detailing their individual incomes, expenditures, liabilities and assets. To do this, financial affidavit forms are necessary. Even a divorce involving very few assets and liabilities can be daunting, but when high assets or major debts are involved, filing a financial affidavit can seem downright overwhelming.

Are ex-wives earning more than ex-husbands in Missouri?

An intriguing new study illustrates an increasingly common aspect of divorce in St. Charles and throughout the country. The study shows that more than ever before, women are compelled by divorce courts to pay their ex-husbands alimony or spousal support. Often these days, as divorcing couples divide their marital property and count up their debts and assets, the greater earning power of the wives is factoring largely in the calculations. This observation marks a notable shift in society as well as divorce proceedings.

Father breaks child custody order by moving kids overseas

If divorcing parents in Missouri are in disagreement over child custody arrangements, there are certain steps a parent is legally required to take before those arrangements can be changed. In other words, neither a custodial nor a non-custodial parent may break the rules of a custody agreement and not be subject to legal action.

Will new paternity testing affect family law in Missouri?

Paternity testing is a major aspect of many family law cases in Missouri. Sometimes these cases involve a child support or child custody dispute, and other times the individuals involved just want to know the truth.

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