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June 2012 Archives

How should older Missouri residents divide marital property?

These days divorce is a possibility for people of all ages, not just young adults. Missouri residents may be interested in a recent study showing that, in 2009, a quarter of all divorces involved people who were over age 50. The same study revealed that, from 1990 to 2009, the divorce rate among older adults doubled. Given that older people who go through a divorce have typically accumulated some assets over the years, how do these statistics relate to the question of dividing marital property?

Dwyane Wade confronts child custody dispute during NBA Finals

Many parents in Missouri know that child custody disputes have the potential to culminate at the worst of times. A simple miscommunication between parents or an outright disregard for a custody agreement can lead to litigation over custody and visitation rights. And these issues often don't present themselves conveniently.

David Arquette and Courtney Cox to officially end marriage

Oftentimes, married couples who have reached a breaking point in their relationship will try a period of separation to see if they can work through their problems. Sometimes, it works. Other times, it does not and the couple ends up filing for divorce. Such is the case for celebrity couple David Arquette and Courtney Cox.

Paternity test not enough to give Missouri father custody rights

Our readers in the St. Charles area may have heard the recent news of a Missouri man who was denied custody of his daughter after waiting too long to establish his parental rights. The case illustrates some of the complex issues other Missouri parents may face in child custody proceedings.

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