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Divorce may introduce paternity issues

In divorce, parents in Missouri and elsewhere often deal with issues regarding child custody, child support and division of property. While parents work to resolve these issues, conflicts may arise from both parties. Children are affected most because of these conflicts. In some situations, like an ugly custody battle or where a father fights to exercise paternity rights, divorce may develop a relationship gap between father and child or worse, the father may neglect his responsibilities toward his children.

Saving high-net worth asset from community property law

St. Charles residents may know that under the law, Missouri is a community property state. This means that any property acquired by a husband or wife during marriage, such as real estate, is jointly owned by both spouses even if the accumulated property was originally acquired by one spouse. For this reason, each spouse may have the privilege of ownership in the event of divorce or death.

Prenups may be useful in property division settlements

Often, prenuptial agreements are not looked upon favorably. It may seem that a prenuptial agreement is an indication of future divorce or may involve coercion of the less wealthy partner to sign the agreement. However, people's attitudes toward prenuptial agreements are changing. Lately, a prenuptial agreement is routinely recommended to couples before their wedding, because it may protect them from the potential negative consequences of divorce.

Social networking sites, divorce and paternity

Residents of St. Charles, Missouri, may be interested to know about the recent reports that social networking sites may contribute to problems in a marriage. Based on studies in 2011, one-third of divorces were caused or influenced by social media, most commonly by Facebook.

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