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Dividing property obtained during the marriage in Missouri

Married couples sometimes face difficulties in life that may result in arguments. If not settled properly, arguments in the household may forever change the couple's relationship. Many couples in St. Charles County, Missouri, are seeking to end their relationships in divorce. This is not an easy task because divorce can cause emotional dilemmas and financial hardships for the people involved. If children are involved, their growth and development could also be affected during a contentious divorce.

Property division is one of the issues that can arise during divorce proceedings or settlements. During the marriage years, couples live, together with the children, under the same roof. When one partner or both of them decide to end the relationship, things can get messy. In particular, they may argue over who's going to stay in the house and who's not. The house is marital property if it was obtained during the marriage, and it will be equally divided between the couple.

Couples facing divorce may arrive at an agreement that suits their situation. Property can be in the form of antique collections, precious artworks, land and vehicles. Business assets can also be included in property division. Both parties must ensure that all of the properties and assets are listed in order to determine their true value. Honesty during the valuation of assets is the key to settling the issue of property division.

Sometimes, however, one spouse feels that the other is hiding assets. In such a case, the spouse may seek the help of a professional, who will investigate all the bank accounts, hidden assets and other forms of wealth, as well as the true income of the other spouse. This information is necessary to achieve the equitable division of properties, which is the aim of both parties.

Source: Westport-news.com, "Law matters: struggling to share a home while divorcing," Susan Filan, Nov. 23, 2012

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