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Helping spouses deal with property division in Missouri

Divorce can be a touchy subject for couples in Missouri. There is a lot at stake when dealing with this issue. Property division can give rise to one of the most important issues in divorce, because it includes bank accounts, business assets and personal belongings. Divorcing spouses in Missouri and throughout the country may need additional information about their options in order to obtain properties and assets to which they are rightfully entitled.

Spouses who are at the onset of divorce need to protect and prepare for the worst case scenario. Divorce can be contentious when both parties deal with property division. Doing research on the finances can help to prevent this.

Titles of properties, bank statements and offshore accounts can be obtained through photocopying, as well as in other ways. They may also take photographs of valuable pieces of property that may be included during the division of property.

Assets should be valued during the process of property division. The value of cars, jewelry, antiques and artwork must be determined to ensure that both parties get their fair share. Another concern that may arise during a divorce settlement is the debts incurred during the marriage. Debts can be in the form of car loans, credit card bills, lines of credit and mortgages. Spouses need to have this information to avoid being surprised by debts once the divorce is finalized.

By taking these steps, the division of property and assets can go much more smoothly for both parties. These tips may also ensure that no assets and properties will be hidden, which can sometimes be a concern.

Another thing that can affect the property division settlement is a prenuptial agreement. Couples who have drafted and signed a prenuptial agreement will most likely want it to be honored.

Source: Palmbeachpost.com, "Protect yourself with divorce planning," Robin Roshkind, Jan. 25, 2013

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