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Cost-effective ways to handle property division in Missouri

The path to marital separation can be a long and grueling one, which is the a reality behind many divorce cases. However, not all divorce cases have to turn out messy. The outcome of the divorce depends on how it iswas handled by the people involved. Property division is one issue that can turn divorce into a battlefield, such as whenwith both spousespeople claiming that properties obtained during the marriage, such as artwork and other items, haved sentimental value and wish to keep them.

Both sides of prenuptial agreements in high-net worth divorces

A prenuptial agreement is often associated with a high-profile couple entering a marriage. In Missouri, a prenuptial agreement enables high-net worth individuals to protect significant assets and properties in the event of divorce. It could also prevent disputes in property division, allowing spouses to focus on other important matters like child custody and child support.

Miami Heat star player Mario Chalmers faces paternity suit

In past years, fathers often got the short end of the stick when it came to family law issues like child custody and visitation. However, currently, Saint Charles, Missouri, readers may find that this trend is continually evolving as fathers now gain equal parenting rights of their children. In some cases, such as children born to unwed parents, paternity must be established in order for fathers to be acknowledged as the rightful parent of their children.

Child support: a major concern in St. Charles divorces

Divorce is a major event for spouses in St. Charles, Missouri, as well as in the rest of the country. The process of divorce gets more complicated when there are children caught in the middle. Child support is a major concern for divorcing parents. Custodial parents need to negotiate an amount for child support that covers everyday expenses for the child, including medical, educational and recreational costs.

The importance of asset valuation in a high-net worth divorce

Saint Charles citizens know that divorce is a major life-changing event. Disputes are common, especially if there are significant business assets and/or property involved. In a high-net worth divorce, couples may find themselves disagreeing about monetary assets, real estate, stock options, retirement plans and even business ownership. High-profile couples who are currently dealing with marital dissolution may learn from the experience of the ex-wife of the former owner of the Los Angeles Dodgers -she is claiming that she did not get what she was entitled to during her divorce proceedings.

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