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Both sides of prenuptial agreements in high-net worth divorces

A prenuptial agreement is often associated with a high-profile couple entering a marriage. In Missouri, a prenuptial agreement enables high-net worth individuals to protect significant assets and properties in the event of divorce. It could also prevent disputes in property division, allowing spouses to focus on other important matters like child custody and child support.

A survey conducted by the Spectrem's Millionaire Corner shows that high-net worth investors consider a prenuptial agreement before entering a marriage in an attempt to protect their wealth. However, discussing this type of contract may not be a very romantic way of showing love to the future husband or wife. Fifty-four percent of those who answered the survey agreed that suggesting a prenuptial agreement might create a bad feeling in a marriage.

Another consequence of a prenuptial agreement is that it could create trust issues between the couple. Some experts say that this contract also opens up possibilities that the union will end in a separation or divorce. Still, it all depends on the couple that drafts the agreement. Couples, especially those who own significant financial assets and real estate or who have children from past relationships, may wish to create a prenuptial agreement that will enable them to protect their interests and avoid future litigation.

A high-net worth divorce is complicated as both parties have to face the array of properties and assets involved. A prenuptial agreement may save both parties from the dilemma of splitting properties during the divorce. However, if they have failed to create one, a high-profile couple should understand that the valuation of assets is necessary in order to know how much is involved.

In Saint Charles, Missouri, a high-net worth couple may consult a legal professional for representation. The legal professional may collaborate with other experts during asset valuation, ensuring that their client will be able to get a fair and just settlement.

Source: Millionaire Corner, "High net worth investors see key drawback to pre nups," Adriana Reyneri, May 9, 2013

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