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Miami Heat star player Mario Chalmers faces paternity suit

In past years, fathers often got the short end of the stick when it came to family law issues like child custody and visitation. However, currently, Saint Charles, Missouri, readers may find that this trend is continually evolving as fathers now gain equal parenting rights of their children. In some cases, such as children born to unwed parents, paternity must be established in order for fathers to be acknowledged as the rightful parent of their children.

A part of a paternity case is child support and one famous basketball player, Mario Chalmers, is experiencing this type of issue. The Miami Heat player is the father of a 3-year-old daughter with his ex-girlfriend. In 2012, an agreement was finalized that requires Mario to pay $2,600 in monthly child support. Until now, the Miami Heat star continues to pay that amount.

However, the mother of their 3-year-old daughter is asking for a modification of child support in the latest paternity suit. The judge who is overseeing the case released an order stating that the star player must submit all of his financial records. Based on reports, Miami Heat extended Mario's contract and the successful sports franchise pays him $4 million every season.

The modification, if approved, is expected to be fair and just for both parties. In any case, the child will benefit from the outcome of the settlement.

A paternity suit can be filed by parents, regardless of social status. In Missouri, a father who is proven to be the biological parent of the child may gain custody and visitation, depending on the circumstances. Moreover, the parents suing for custody may also be subject to back child support, which varies, depending on how long they have failed to meet their child support obligations.

The child may also bear the name of the father once the paternity is established. Both sides may settle paternity issues amicably, which will hopefully prevent stress on the children. In other cases, a court may have to get involved.

Source: Sports World News, "Mario Chalmers sued: Hit with paternity suit," Glenn Minnis, May 4, 2013

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