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Looking through paternity with respect for Father's Day

As marriages end, parental rights are a common source of disagreement for divorcing couples in St. Charles, Missouri, as well as the rest of the U.S. Divorcing mothers often forget that the kids are at the center of their argument. They sometimes overlook the fact that the children are entitled to receive the benefits of having a father, and, unintentionally, disregard their former spouse's rights.

Tips for achieving a fair property division

One of the biggest court disputes between divorcing spouses is over the sharing of marital property, which is any property acquired during the marriage. By Missouri state law, in property division, marital assets are supposed to be equitably divided between the spouses. Because partners are not always up front about their assets, an expert has disclosed a few pointers that may help divorcing spouses get a fair settlement.

Advice for divorced parents who live under the same roof

There is a phase in the divorce process that some call the limbo phase. It is the phase when a couple has decided to split but is still living under the same roof. Needless to say, it is an uneasy time. The tension may affect the children, before custody is determined.

The ramifications of delinquent child support payments

All children deserve their parents' love and support, both emotionally and financially, even when a marriage falls apart. Family law governing child support, which varies from state to state, ensures that children obtain the financial support needed for their everyday expenses. In Missouri, for example, the amount is calculated using the Child Support Calculation Worksheet. Once the amount is determined, the support is expected to continue until the child reaches the age of maturity.

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