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Looking through paternity with respect for Father's Day

As marriages end, parental rights are a common source of disagreement for divorcing couples in St. Charles, Missouri, as well as the rest of the U.S. Divorcing mothers often forget that the kids are at the center of their argument. They sometimes overlook the fact that the children are entitled to receive the benefits of having a father, and, unintentionally, disregard their former spouse's rights.

In the spirit of Father's Day, here are some things that may help readers understand why teaching their children about the importance of having a father is essential. First, like mothers, fathers are instrumental in their child's birth. Without them, the children would not exist. Regardless of divorce, their father will always be their father. It is important to show the children that he or she does not have to choose between parents, or hide his or her feelings for their father.

After the divorce, fathers may with parenting troubles. Fathers may be involved in the children's activities like sports, fishing and auto-maintenance, which are, generally, more natural for fathers. The time that fathers spend with their children allow the mother to relax and have free time. Finally, some fathers become better parents after their divorces, which can be a good thing for the children, considering that the marriage may have been unhappy.

These tips are some important issues of paternity. Aside from the paternity issues regarding custody and visitation rights, the legal establishment of a child's paternity also plays a big role in child support. Establishing paternity is important in enforcing child support orders, and reuniting Charleston's estranged fathers with their children.

If a person's paternity is questioned, it may be a wise choice for Missouri residents to research and understand their legal rights. With this knowledge, divorcees can build legal solutions that may be able to help. These may include establishing paternity, challenging paternity and requesting a paternity test.

Source: The Huffington Post, "9 Reasons to Appreciate Your Ex This Father's Day," Mandy Walker, June 16, 2013.

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