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The importance of child support for parents and children

Providing support to children is one of the most important responsibilities of parenthood. This means providing assistance and help, both material and emotional, for everything associated with children's lives. As a result, it includes far more than a child's financial needs. It can mean everything from being there for them as they do homework to listening to their problems and encouraging their engagement with anything that is likely to make their lives better both as children and later as adults.

Dealing with mortgages in property division in Missouri

Most divorcing couples in St. Charles, Missouri, are worried about their financial security in the event that they become single again. This issue is the main reason why property division exists. This process is important as it not only determines who gets what, but also distributes the liability from loans and debts acquired during the marriage.

Star's lawsuit shows not only family affected by divorce

Residents of St. Charles, Missouri, are aware that divorce can be difficult. Fights often occur between the divorcing couple, especially when there is a sizeable amount of money or assets that can be divided. Most high-net worth divorces take a long time to finalize because of the intricate process of dividing assets and the pursuit of hidden assets.

Proposed national bill to help fathers with paternity issues

Regardless of marital status, parents are responsible for the overall well-being of their children. If both parents assume this responsibility, everyone wins. However, this is not the case in many families in the U.S., including in St. Charles, where a lot of children and parents-mostly unmarried-are suffering because of paternity issues.

Private companies to take on Missouri's child support collection

Divorce legally dissolves a marriage but it does not dissolve the relationship between parents and their children. Because of this, Missouri's laws insist that parents should still be there to provide for their children's needs regardless of divorce. It also requires non-custodial parents to designate a portion of their earnings for child support. This monetary support is meant to be used for the child's every day needs, which may include medical needs and other extracurricular expenditures. However, there are parents in Missouri, including in St. Charles, who disregard this parental responsibility, which causes child support disputes.

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