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Private companies to take on Missouri's child support collection

Divorce legally dissolves a marriage but it does not dissolve the relationship between parents and their children. Because of this, Missouri's laws insist that parents should still be there to provide for their children's needs regardless of divorce. It also requires non-custodial parents to designate a portion of their earnings for child support. This monetary support is meant to be used for the child's every day needs, which may include medical needs and other extracurricular expenditures. However, there are parents in Missouri, including in St. Charles, who disregard this parental responsibility, which causes child support disputes.

Consider a recent news story about Kansas City, as it is changing its approach to collecting child support from parents who fail to pay. Being only 38th in the country when it comes to child support collection, Kansas City says that private companies could do better in going after delinquent parents.

The state will soon pay four companies a total of $19 million to take over child support collections. A written declaration from the Department of Children and Families stated that it could collect approximately $200 million. It is money that goes to children and parents who are entitled to that money. The declaration added that over the next three years, the state expects these private companies to bring in an additional $52 million.

This could be very good news for St. Charles' parents and children who are having difficulty claiming child support. Child support plays an important role in ensuring that a child's growth and well-being are taken care of. For custodial parents, child support also lessens the burden of raising a child alone. When parents shirk their child support obligations, their children suffer because the non-support may result in depriving the children of what they need. It is important to remember that not paying child support also comes with severe consequences.

However, this new collection approach does not necessarily guarantee that St. Charles' parents are free from experiencing delinquent child support payments from the supporting parent. When faced with such difficulties, it is advisable for these parents to seek the assistance of a legal professional who has knowledge and experience with this aspect of the law. The custodial parent may wish to ask a legal professional about the steps to take to ensure that child support enforcement.

Source: Fox4kc.com, "Private companies to take on collection of delinquent child support," Katie Ferrell, June 19, 2013

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