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August 2013 Archives

How marital agreements play out regarding 401(k)s and divorce

Retirement plans, such as 401(k)s, are one asset that will be addressed in the event of divorce in St. Charles, Missouri. Most spouses are fully aware of how valuable retirement plans are, which is why some people choose to exclude them from the division of property included in marital agreements.

Successful co-parenting in Missouri divorce

As the divorce is being finalized, many St. Charles, Missouri, readers may think that all conflicts and legal battles that accompany it end as well. However, if the divorce involves a child, then agreements must be made as to how to raise and care for the child.

Establishing paternity, access to a father's rights

The issue of paternity may not concern St. Charles fathers who were married when their child was born and are now getting divorced. However, unmarried fathers or those who have yet to establish their paternity have something in common with divorced fathers, which is fathers' rights.

Considering summer vacations in child custody agreements

A divorce process can seriously affect the children, and especially their growth and relationships with their parents. To reduce the impact on the children, some parents from St. Charles, Missouri, include co-parenting provisions in their child custody agreements. This is to ensure that both parents can continue to take part in watching the children grow and be there for them at every step.

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