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September 2013 Archives

Child support case remains controversial for rap artist

It goes without saying that the entertainment industry provides fame and fortune. Due to that fact, many of our St. Charles, Missouri, readers may have wondered why some celebrities seem unable or unwilling to meet their financial obligations, child support in particular.

Demonstrating the importance of paternity for single fathers

Many Missouri residents may have heard about the increasing number of single mothers in the United States. Such a scenario is considerably common, because mothers are often awarded custody of their children. However, as the number of single mothers increases, more fathers are facing scrutiny regarding their parental rights and the responsibilities to children.

Joint custody may save child-parent relationship in divorce

The transition from a once-intact family into two separate households may be very difficult for children in the event of a divorce. The same goes for divorce proceedings, particularly the child custody part. In a St. Charles, Missouri, divorce, the best interests of the child are the primary concern in child custody. Although child custody determines the parental rights and responsibilities of each parent after the divorce, there are other types of custody besides sole custody to one parent and not the other that may work under certain circumstances, such as joint custody.

Missouri property division concerning digital assets

The digital age continues to influence people's lives in new and interesting ways. From smart phones to mobile applications and gaming, more and more individuals, including St. Charles, Missouri, residents, are used to technology being a part of everyday life. For that reason, many experts anticipate that the digital age may spur conflicts in the event of a divorce.

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