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December 2013 Archives

Co-running a business can complicate divorce asset division

People in the business world in St. Charles, Missouri, and beyond, know how emotions during a divorce can have a ripple effect on a business organization, especially if the divorcing couple owns the business. Spouses who have worked hard and invested so much in a business with sentimental value are bound to be upset if that business must be dismantled in a divorce settlement.

Soldier with PTSD continues child-custody battle

Whether a child is an infant or in their teens, it is often best to have both parents in their life. Missouri parents understand that divorce can be problematic because parents may not get along or they do not reside near each other. Careers and other life factors can further complicate custody arrangements, which could lead to future disputes.

Hidden Twitter assets snarl property division efforts

Disclosing all marital assets when addressing asset division during a divorce is important because it can affect the future financial situation of both spouses. Residents in St. Charles, Missouri, may relate to the interesting story of a 47-year-old man who sued his ex-wife after he found out online that she allegedly secretly invested in Twitter stock while they were still married and failed to disclose this during the divorce.

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