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January 2014 Archives

Father claims overpaid child support led to jail sentence

Missouri residents know that raising a child is not an easy task. In the absence of one parent, the remaining custodial parent may have a hard time supporting the needs of the children. It is precisely for this reason that child support is established. It allows for payments to be collected from the other parent and given to the custodial parent to use for the benefit of the children.

Complex property division likely in baby boomer divorces

Divorce can be difficult, regardless of the age of the parties involved. In Saint Charles, Missouri, local residents know how difficult the legal process of divorce can be. Emotions run high as spouses deal with the issues involved. For baby boomers, divorce can be very challenging, especially to those who have no idea of the stakes involved, such as stay-at-home spouses, which puts them at disadvantage during property division.

Stay cool: an important tip in handling high asset divorces

Compared with most divorces involving a modest level of property, high asset divorces can be challenging due to the numerous assets at stake: offshore accounts, retirement plans, artwork, cars and marital homes, among others. In a high asset divorce, property division can be tough, to say the least. To obtain their fair share amidst the sometimes heated negotiation, Missouri residents should consider a few tips that will enable them to fully understand their rights and make levelheaded decisions.

Ludacris files petition to prove paternity

Most St. Charles fathers want to be involved in their children's upbringing. However, fathers who are not married to their children's mother can find this a challenge. Nowadays, both celebrities and everyday people alike can be faced with this same predicament.

New trend: separated parents share child custody under same roof

Most divorced and divorcing couples are eager to keep their ex-spouses out of their lives. This can be hard to do when children are involved. Now, it seems that concern for their children's emotional well-being is keeping some parents a lot closer physically than they might have ever imagined when they decided to part ways.

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