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March 2014 Archives

Simplifying stock division for divorcing Missouri couples

At times, dividing assets during a divorce is not just limited to retirement accounts, a house and marital property. Some couples have significantly more assets than others. Others have stocks under their names. Whether the stocks are from a business ownership or from being an employee of a fledgling company, stocks tend to make property division more complex. However, there are ways to simplify and fairly divide stocks during a divorce in St. Charles, Missouri.

Report: Michael Jackson paternity claim a hoax

It has been almost five years since megastar Michael Jackson, known as the King of Pop, passed away. Although his rich selection of songs has endured, some controversy still lives on, as a man claims that not only were Jackson's songs left to the public, but also his son. However, a report has shot down the paternity claim, exposing it as a fake. False paternity claims can certainly affect famous figures as well as everyday people.

Missouri divorcing spouses should be wary of marital debts

Many Missouri couples know that property and assets in a divorce are divided based on marital and individual designations. Many people are also aware that debts are divided between divorcing spouses during the property division process. However, most people may not know that even if a divorce decree designates which spouse pays a specific debt, creditors will only honor the person who initially signed the agreement..

R. Kelly may face jail sentence for failing to pay child support

Raising a child is difficult, if one parent is absent. Unfortunately, this is all too typical following a divorce. Child support is discussed in divorce cases involving children to ensure that one parent will continue providing financial support to the children. Saint Charles readers need to understand that failure to pay child support can lead to serious consequences for the supporting parent, which is the case of R. Kelly, "King of R&B."

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