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Co-parenting should be avoided in high-conflict divorces

A lot has been said about the merits of co-parenting. Ideal as it may seem, this cooperative style of parenting only works for spouses who are already on the same page when it comes to their child's well-being. For Missouri couples who are enduring a high-conflict divorce and are likely to be at odds after the split, another approach might be in order.

How a divorcing Missouri spouse can avoid financial pitfalls

On average, a divorce can now cost around $15,000. While that is definitely a lot of money, divorcing St. Charles, Missouri, spouses can lose a lot more if their finances are not in order. These potential losses may wreak havoc on living expenses, savings and retirement plans of a divorcing spouse. However, by considering these steps, a spouse can still stand on firm financial ground after a split.

Mature co-parenting for St. Charles, Missouri couples

At some point in their marriage, many St. Charles, Missouri, couples probably feel like life is harmonious, perhaps even perfect. But during and after a divorce, that feeling usually seems like a distant memory. However, if divorced couples are blessed with children, they can strive to bring back the spark. Not necessarily a romantic spark, but the warm comfort of friendship in the form of co-parenting. Here are a few ways to help get divorced parents on track.

Actor Charlie Sheen seeks child support reduction

For divorced parents, child support is an essential part of effectively raising a child. Ideally, when it comes to child support, parents should easily settle on an agreement that is centered on the best interest of the child. However, this is usually not the case. Divorced parents in Missouri can often get entangled in child support disputes that unfortunately compromise the future of a child.

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