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Mature co-parenting for St. Charles, Missouri couples

At some point in their marriage, many St. Charles, Missouri, couples probably feel like life is harmonious, perhaps even perfect. But during and after a divorce, that feeling usually seems like a distant memory. However, if divorced couples are blessed with children, they can strive to bring back the spark. Not necessarily a romantic spark, but the warm comfort of friendship in the form of co-parenting. Here are a few ways to help get divorced parents on track.

Be intent on having a supportive and compassionate co-parenting relationship. Co-parenting is about the child's well-being and not about who gave up or made mistakes during the marriage. Although divorced parents are no longer a good couple, it does not prevent them from being great co-parents.

Remember a former spouse's good qualities and emphasize them to the kids. An ex-spouse still has good qualities; try to keep these qualities in mind while co-parenting. Also, do not deny a former partner's good traits to children. This will benefit children and serve as a reminder to divorced parents that children need both parents.

Keep the decision between co-parents. In certain matters, other people's opinions count. But when it comes to co-parenting, only the opinion of parents will matter in making a decision.

Stick to scheduled arrangements, but be open-minded when it comes to changes. Plans can occasionally change, and this goes for both parents. Being understanding and gracious when it comes to sudden changes from an ex-spouse breeds the same positive reaction when it is the other's time to make abrupt changes.

Dealing with an ex-spouse can be difficult, but that does not mean it should compromise the best interest of the child. Children love and need both parents. That may be enough reason for divorced St. Charles parents to strive harder when it comes to co-parenting.

Source: The Huffington Post, "9 Ways to Co-Parent Like a Grown-Up," Emma Bathie, March 28, 2014

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