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Effectively managing assets and surviving property division

Dividing one's assets and property while being emotionally distressed can be considered a lethal combination. However, many couples do just that in a divorce. In order to finish the divorce process as soon as possible, they take what they can or what is given to them and wish for the best. At times, the outcome is not as rosy as expected. Financial expectations fall short, which makes it harder to start a new life.

Co-parenting strategies can help child's well-being

Some divorced parents in Missouri may not be warm to the idea of co-parenting. After all, not all divorced couples part amicably and maintain friendships afterward. Visitation schedules, managing holidays and summers and working out disciplinary actions for children can be difficult for parents who remain at odds. However, there are simple co-parenting strategies to help parents through the co-parenting process, if they choose to make the best interests of their children their primary concern.

Paternity issues take center stage in actor's custody case

A movie actor meets a massage therapist. Eventually, they decide to have a baby through artificial means and are successful. They drift apart and a child custody case ensues. Although this may seem like a plot line from a dramatic film, readers from St. Charles, Missouri, may recognize the story as the case of Jason Patric and former lover, Danielle Schreiber. Unlike any movie, their story still has to find its happy ending.

High-net worth divorce ends in settlement, wife gets millions

Often, a long lasting marriage does not only have a wealth of memories, but actual wealth, in the form of assets including property, bank accounts and businesses. Once a marriage turns sour, spouses often scramble to take control of whatever they think is their due. This mad dash is something that St. Charles, Missouri, couples might find completely ridiculous until they find themselves on opposing sides of a high-net worth divorce.

Missouri House passes new child support legislation

St. Charles, Missouri, residents are aware that child support is used for a child's financial needs such as every day expenses and medical needs. However, child support can also be used for an older child's post-high school education. A new Missouri House bill has made continuation of monthly support payment contingent on a child attaining passing grades while in school.

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