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Jewelry can also be subjected to property division

People in St. Charles, Missouri who have gone through a divorce know that it can be one of the most difficult chapters in their lives. The legal process alone is difficult because it brings up a number of complex issues such as property division. Divvying up the accumulated assets can be a daunting task, especially if both parties have no idea what they are dealing with. It is important for divorcing individuals to take the matter seriously because the outcome of the property division can affect their finances and stability after the divorce.

Unmarried father finds it difficult to exercise parental rights

Most Saint Charles, Missouri, parents are keen on bringing up their children. However, this can prove challenging for unmarried fathers. A bachelor can find it difficult to exercise his parental rights if he is not married to his child's mother. An unmarried father recently faced this trauma when he realized his girlfriend had given away the child for adoption and that he had no paternal rights over the child.

Film director Moore heading for high-net worth divorce

Divorce is not just about child custody, support and alimony. For St. Charles, Missouri, residents, the division of property and assets is also an important divorce issue. The outcome of this division can certainly help divorced individuals start a new chapter of their lives, making it a subject that requires thorough attention, especially if the stakes are high.

Number of women who pay child support increasing

Gender stereotypes are rapidly becoming obsolete. There was a time when only men dominated the workforce and held pivotal positions in society. Now, women are prominent members of society and enjoying equal employment opportunities. In terms of family law issues, women are also taking on roles that usually belonged to men, like paying child support and alimony. It is something that St. Charles, Missouri, women as well as men should closely take into consideration.

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