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Number of women who pay child support increasing

Gender stereotypes are rapidly becoming obsolete. There was a time when only men dominated the workforce and held pivotal positions in society. Now, women are prominent members of society and enjoying equal employment opportunities. In terms of family law issues, women are also taking on roles that usually belonged to men, like paying child support and alimony. It is something that St. Charles, Missouri, women as well as men should closely take into consideration.

The trend of women dealing with the financial needs of the child after a divorce certainly gives a new dynamic to family law. A study conducted last year showed that for households with children, 40 percent had the mother as the primary financial provider. As mothers take a more active role in providing income, fathers spend more time with their children and handle their needs on a day-to-day basis. But this does not mean that there are no bad apples. There are also mothers who are delinquent child support payers. Statistically, the rate of mothers failing to pay child support is equal to fathers who are delinquent payers.

Despite the rise in women paying child support, the best interests of the child are still anchored on how both parents can financially and emotionally co-exist for their child's well- being. In a marriage, if the mother is the primary provider, chances are that after a divorce she will still carry her financial duties to the child. But a father is also expected to carry his part of the load.

Money, whether in the form of property division, alimony or child support, is always a serious and sensitive issue in a divorce. St. Charles divorcing couples would be making a wise choice if they seek the guidance of a family law attorney with extensive knowledge in financial planning. Doing this can give couples a detailed view of their current and even future financial options.

Source: Communities Digital News, "More women paying child support, spousal support," Myra Fleischer, May 27, 2014

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