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Unmarried father finds it difficult to exercise parental rights

Most Saint Charles, Missouri, parents are keen on bringing up their children. However, this can prove challenging for unmarried fathers. A bachelor can find it difficult to exercise his parental rights if he is not married to his child's mother. An unmarried father recently faced this trauma when he realized his girlfriend had given away the child for adoption and that he had no paternal rights over the child.

The story is an interesting one and can be a lesson for unmarried fathers. The couple was young when the woman realized that she was carrying a baby. They were happy and decided that they would raise the child together. Things did not turn out as the young, unmarried father had hoped, and the mother soon walked out on him.

There was more shock in store for him when an adoption agency called to say that his former girlfriend had given away her parental rights. The agency even asked him to sign away his rights as a father. He was upset and initially refused, but the adoption agency stated he had no option. If a mother signs away her parental rights, the father does not really have a choice.

After the baby was born, the man held his daughter for a few minutes but never received her birth certificate. An agency advocating for fathers' rights states that unless a father files a document with the state saying he is the child's father, he cannot establish his rights. Now the child's mother also wants to get her daughter back, but it appears that neither of them can turn back the clock now.

Source: WSVN.com, "Father's Fight," June 13, 2014

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