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Warren Lichtenstein loses in a child support dispute

Child support issues are usually discussed in divorce cases where there are children involved. In Saint Charles, Missouri, parents probably realize that child support issues are not only discussed during divorce, but also in cases where there is a child born out of wedlock. Once the judge has set the amount of child support, both parties must comply with the child support agreement in order to avoid legal conflicts that may affect them after.

The marital home may be the most important asset in a divorce

With divorce marking the end of a marriage, divorcing individuals are often very concerned about their future, especially their finances. Like divorcing couples elsewhere in the country, Missourians who are splitting frequently concentrate on property division, because the outcome can greatly affect their future. Properties obtained during a marriage such as the marital home, vehicles, artwork, retirement accounts and bank accounts are all likely to be subject to division.

Retirement plans are the "real deal" in divorces

Sometimes marriages last and sometimes they don't. Divorces sometimes fall into two categories - a common divorce or a high-net worth divorce. For a common divorce, the process can end quickly, especially if both parties have decided to be amicable about the way their property and assets can be divided. For complex divorces, or for those people who have accumulated a wide-array of assets during the course of marriage, divvying up the assets can be particularly challenging. Our Saint Charles, Missouri, readers may want to know some common mistakes that can be made during a divorce.

What are the key points of a successful custody arrangement?

When a marriage falls apart, spouses are not the only people affected by the demise. Children are often caught in the middle between two arguing parents. In St. Charles, Missouri, people who have been through a divorce can understand how difficult it is for children when parents argue in front of them. Once the child custody disputes have been settled, children will then go through the process of separation from one parent for quite some time until his or her turn for visitation according to the agreement comes along.

Is it possible to modify existing child support order?

Raising a child can be a difficult yet rewarding job for parents. Here in St. Louis, Missouri, parents know that children need all the support they can get from their parents in order to live a normal life. However, raising a child is a lot more difficult when the parents decide to separate or end their marriages. Child support issues are likely to arise. A non-custodial parent will be required to pay support while the custodial parent will use this financial support for the child's education, medical and other needs.

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