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Marital property laws shape outcomes of high-asset divorces

One of the most important issues that has to be settled in any divorce case is property division. Divorcing individuals who have little in the way of property or assets may find their division relatively easy compared to divorcing couples who have amassed considerable properties. Missouri residents may be familiar with high-asset divorce cases involving high-profile individuals such as celebrities and politicians. In most of these cases, divorce became contentious because considerable properties and assets were involved.

What factors affect property division in Missouri?

Ending a marriage is not a simple legal process. Any Missouri resident currently going through a divorce may be wondering who will get the house, the art collection, the cars, the stocks and bonds and the bank accounts. You and your spouse may be thinking of simply selling everything and splitting the proceeds.

How parents can resolve child custody disputes more peacefully

Many Missouri residents are familiar with the issues that typically arise during divorce. When people discuss child custody disputes, they are generally referring to parents who are battling over certain issues such as visitation or particular custody arrangements. When a divorce is particularly contentious, drawing up a parenting plan can be difficult. To avoid this, parents should understand that they are the ones who hold the key to a successful parenting plan that determines both custody and visitation. Without their cooperation, child custody issues can prolong their entire divorce process.

A brief overview of paternity and other related issues

Paternity issues often arise when there is a child born out of wedlock. In St. Charles, Missouri, readers often hear about paternity issues in cases in which the mother of the child seeks child support from the biological father of the child or the father seeks custody of the child who was born out of wedlock. Often, paternity can affect both child custody and child support issues, which is why it is important for both parents to fully understand the basics of paternity and other related issues.

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