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The essence of identifying separate and marital property

Our team of legal professionals knows the difficulties of property division negotiation. The process itself can have long-term effects on your financial health, which is why it is imperative to focus on property division especially in determining property that is marital and which is not. Missouri is a dual-property state which means that property or assets identified as marital will be divvied up between the divorcing individuals, while separate property will not be subjected to division.

What are the factors considered when setting child custody?

When a couple decides to end their marriage, important divorce issues must be addressed, such as custody. Missouri residents currently in the middle of a divorce with children involved should seek some answers regarding child custody laws in the state. The goal is to minimize the effects of divorce on the children as much as possible, however, you may be in the middle of a situation where your spouse is not ready to negotiate or create a custody arrangement that benefits both sides. In similar cases, it is imperative to learn more about child custody laws especially the important factors being considered in determining child custody arrangements.

Basic information about Missouri child support requirements

Child support was established not only for the sake of a child affected by a divorce but also for the benefit of taxpayers. When a couple decides to end their marriage and a child is involved, child support issues are likely to arise. Missouri parents currently dealing with child support issues may be interested to know some basic facts about child support, which can help determine eligibility to pay or receive child support.

Establish paternity for the legal right to parent your child

St. Charles, Missouri, residents often hear or read about paternity cases involving celebrities and high-profile individuals. Paternity lawsuits often involve the mother requesting a current or previous partner to undergo DNA testing to prove paternity. In some cases, a father files a paternity lawsuit to prove that he is the biological father of a child. The outcome of a paternity case is crucial because it affects the future of a child and his or her parents as well.

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