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Establish paternity for the legal right to parent your child

St. Charles, Missouri, residents often hear or read about paternity cases involving celebrities and high-profile individuals. Paternity lawsuits often involve the mother requesting a current or previous partner to undergo DNA testing to prove paternity. In some cases, a father files a paternity lawsuit to prove that he is the biological father of a child. The outcome of a paternity case is crucial because it affects the future of a child and his or her parents as well.

Paternity case proceedings tend to be emotionally challenging, especially if the parents of the child are unmarried and estranged. However, a father who wants to be part of his child's life but is separated from the child's mother must know that involvement in that child's life is only possible through paternity testing. Once a paternity lawsuit is filed, the father will be required to undergo DNA testing to determine if he is the biological father of the child. If the test confirms paternity, the father may establish parental rights legally.

A paternity test allows a father to gain custody and visitation rights. Once paternity is established, the biological father may be required to pay child support as well. The child can also take the surname of the biological father once paternity is established. In the end, the child benefits most from a paternity case.

If you are currently fighting for parental rights, you need to be aware of the laws that can affect your case. It is most important to equip yourself with the right amount of knowledge that can be obtained through research and communication. Our site has some valuable information that can help you throughout the process to a successful outcome.

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