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Which marital property and assets are often overlooked?

Divorce necessarily means that both spouses must look at their finances and figure out what will become of their property and assets. Dividing marital property can be complicated anywhere in the country, including in Missouri. The final resolution will likely have a great effect on both parties' financial footing, which is why they should be aware of all of their assets before property division.

Our firm focuses on fair Missouri child custody orders

Missouri child custody is a complex issue that often arises in divorce cases. The question of who is going to take care of the children on weekdays and who is going to take the children to recitals and football practices and other activities are all difficult issues to discuss. Divorcing parents do not want to be separated from their children, but with an impending divorce, there is a chance that their children will move from one house to another.

What determines a child support order in Missouri?

When two people decide to end their marriage and minor children are caught in the middle, a child support dispute can result. In Missouri, just like elsewhere in the country, parents understand the difficulties of raising children who need all the help they can get from their parents, including financial and emotional support.

The challenges with establishing paternity

Generally, fatherhood is about being a parent to a child, but when a child is born out of wedlock, the father has to establish that he is in fact the father. Tests are conducted so he can obtain custody and visitation rights. Paternity is a legal issue that concerns both parents. Here in St. Charles, Missouri, parents may be interested to learn more about paternity and the challenges often faced by parents who are dealing with this issue.

Reality TV matriarch files for divorce from Olympian

A couple in the middle of a high-net worth divorce often faces more complex issues than people who are involved in more common types of divorces. Here in Saint Charles, Missouri, though, local residents may be familiar with divorce cases involving high-profile individuals with lucrative careers and significant assets. In such cases, there is much at stake. High-asset divorces often involve an array of properties and assets, ranging from artwork, cars, offshore accounts, business assets and bank accounts. Dividing those assets can become complicated without a prenuptial agreement or if either spouse decides not to cooperate during the divorce process.

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