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We put children's well-being first in child-custody disputes

Children are often caught in the middle when their parents decide to separate or end their marriage. Any Missouri resident who has dealt with child custody issues understands that the process is difficult. Few parents want to be separated from their children, but in many divorces child-custody disputes are inevitable given the clash between parents. In general, decisions and arrangements about custody and visitation rights can be made by both parents; if not, a court will decide for them.

Charlie Sheen dealing with child support and custody issues

Child support laws were created to provide financial support for children of divorced and unwed parents. When family law courts in St. Charles, Missouri, discuss child support, they focus on the best interests of the child. The amount should be sufficient for the everyday expenses of the child. Courts also consider several other factors, including the earning potential of the noncustodial parent and the standards of living in the area where the child lives.

The importance of discussing paternity cases

Nowadays, unmarried fathers from Missouri and elsewhere in the nation are becoming more involved in raising their children. This is true especially in child custody disputes, where fathers are now seeking shared custody. However, not all fathers find it easy to deal with custody cases, especially if they were not acknowledged as the biological father of the children. Paternity must be established first before fathers can fight for the custody of their children. Parents, both mothers and fathers, must understand that the involvement of both parental figures can benefit their children.

Can you keep your inheritance in a high-net worth divorce?

For many Missouri residents, divorce is a legal process that ends a marriage, although the emotional aspects are often profound and can linger for years. For people who have accumulated a wide array of property and assets, however, divorce adds the challenge of a more complex litigation process. High-asset divorces typically require a thorough analysis of the properties involved, their value and potential disposition during the property division phase of divorce.

How to deal with property division in your 50s

When a couple decides to end their marriage, they will split their finances. Here in St. Charles, Missouri, residents are aware of the effects of property division in divorce-it can turn the case into a contentious one, especially if there's been a breach of trust behind the divorce. Recently, a considerable number of boomers, or people aged 50 and above, are divorcing. Boomers have to be especially careful when dealing with property division, as rebuilding their finances at their age can be more difficult compared to when they were younger.

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