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How paternity testing works

Identifying the biological father of a child without a doubt was difficult in the past. Nowadays, with the aid of science and other technological advancements, identification of the biological father is as easy as determining if the male who is tested and the child share the same DNA. Missourians who are interested in learning more about paternity testing can continue reading about how it works and its accuracy. After reading this blog, readers should better understand the importance of paternity testing, especially if a reader is questioning paternity.

Divorce often the best outcome for children of angry marriages

Most Americans, including those in Missouri, no longer consider divorce to be a touchy topic. In many cases, divorces end amicably; in others, only lengthy court battles can resolve all of the issues that need to be addressed. One reason some people avoid divorce is out of fear their children will suffer. They may believe they should stay together for the sake of the kids even though their marriages are beyond repair. Increasingly, however, those who work with children think that parents who stay together primarily for their kids sometimes actually end up hurting them.

The importance of legal advice in a high-net worth divorce

The end of a marriage is usually emotionally challenging for spouses. When significant financial assets are involved, divorce can become even more emotional and sometimes downright hostile. Whenever a couple has substantial value in the form of real estate, retirement accounts, business investments, stocks and other assets, the potential for a drawn-out battle is high.

What happens to debt during divorce division of marital property?

Anyone who has experienced divorce understands that property division is usually complicated. The process itself is simple if both parties are willing to cooperate when divvying up property and assets. However, that is not always the case. In contentious divorces, spouses find it difficult to divide marital property because they are afraid of getting less than what they deserve. It is also important for divorcing individuals to understand that when courts refer to property division, debt is also likely to be discussed.

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