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How to modify existing child custody arrangements

When a couple is going through a divorce, if they have children, the issue of child custody must be addressed. However, one or both parents may wish to revisit the issue months or even years down the road. As children grow, custody and parenting plans may require minor or major revisions, depending on the circumstances.

How to reduce legal costs in high asset divorces

High asset divorces, unlike other divorces, involve significant marital assets that are often accompanied by disputes. In St. Charles, Missouri, and across the United States, high asset divorces require thorough planning to ensure that each spouse obtains a fair share of the assets. Readers may be surprised to learn that even high-net worth divorces can be settled amicably and less expensively if sound advice is followed.

Providing sound legal advice in property division

Divorce is often about division of property obtained over the course of a marriage. Here in Saint Charles, Missouri, many divorced couples focus on property division because they know that the outcome will affect their financial standing. Another reason why people take property division seriously is because they want to obtain their fair share. However, divorcing spouses need to understand that the process itself often comes with complications, especially when determining which property is marital and which is separate.

What is the fastest way to enforce Missouri child support?

Parents are responsible for raising their children and divorce does not end that responsibility. In Missouri, child support issues are considered among the most difficult issues to discuss during divorce. Each state has its own child support laws, which pertain to the responsibility of parents to financially support their children. Parents are expected to abide by these laws to ensure that child support is received once a divorce has been finalized. Missouri is no different.

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