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How offering paid paternity leave may help women in the workforce

In the United States, including the St. Charles, Missouri, area, the federal Family and Medical Leave Act allows employees to take an extended unpaid leave to care for newborn or recently adopted children, and family members with serious medical needs. The law is most often utilized by pregnant women and recent mothers, but is also applicable to new fathers as well.

The regulations enabling enforcement of child support

Child support is often necessary from a separated parent to protect the wellbeing of children under the care of a custodial parent. Whether you live in Saint Charles, Missouri, or anywhere in the United States, the failure to fulfill your child support payment obligations comes with serious consequences.

How are interstate custody arrangements handled?

Following a divorce, various situations could result in post-divorce issues for Missouri parents. Whether it is a change of job, family illness or perhaps just to a way to welcome change of scenery, one spouse may move to another state. This could possibly complicate custody matters for both divorced parents.

Who owns what regarding property division during a divorce?

During a divorce, one of the most contentious issues that may arise is over the division of property and assets. In the United States, there are two ways each state handles property division: common law property or community property. Most states, including Missouri, are common law property states. What are the differences between common law and community property division?

What do child support payments cover?

Depending on the type of child custody order that was issued by the court, child support payments may be issued to the custodial parent in an effort to help offset the costs of taking care of a child. Each state, including Missouri, has established specific guidelines for child support. These guidelines take into consideration all the costs associated with the upbringing of a child.

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