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How are uninsured medical expenses handled in child support?

It is important for people who pay child support, as well as the custodial parent collecting child support, to know and understand what responsibilities and obligations are associated with a child's costs and needs. These expenses extend beyond the basic necessities of a home, clothing, food and education. Although a child's health insurance will likely cover most of a child's medical expenses, there are "extraordinary expenses" that also need to be paid.

Navigating the process of determining paternity

With Father's day right around the corner on Sunday June 21, it's important to take a step back and understand the importance fathers play in the lives of their children. Whether it's reading a bedside story to your child, or helping with homework, or even just playing catch or taking your child to a baseball game or to the movies, fathers spending time with their children plays an important role in a child's healthy upbringing.

New law protects child custody rights against rapists

It's hard to fathom the pain, terror and trauma a rape victim experiences in the hours and days that follow such an intrusive encounter. This pain can linger for a lifetime, and the pain may be compounded if the mother becomes pregnant from the rape and chooses to keep the child. Many biological fathers of children conceived by rape actually end up seeking parental rights of the child.

How to manage your inheritance funds during a divorce

Property division is among the more complicated issues during a divorce. Although inheritances are generally not considered to be marital property, once an inheritance is shared things can get tricky. And, with laws varying from state to state, things can get further convoluted if you are not familiar with the laws.

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