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Controlling your emotions in the process of a divorce

Undoubtedly, the Missouri divorce process can be emotionally brutal to any Missourian's psyche. The once bright promise of a happy future with your partner has come to an end. During this time, Missourians are overwhelmed by negative feelings, including a belief in the loss of control. But, all hope is not lost. Although the decisions to be made in the process of a divorce often need to be mutual decisions, or if that is not possible, decisions made by lawyers, mediators or judges, you still have a say.

What makes a prenuptial agreement invalid?

As we have noted on this blog many times in the past, a prenuptial agreement can save spouses a lot of time and headaches later on, should they decide to divorce. A prenuptial agreement can decide many issues in advance, particularly with regard to property division. The process of dividing up the couple's property and distributing it to the ex-spouses is often the most difficult and time-consuming part of a divorce. A valid prenuptial agreement can help the parties to greatly reduce the amount of time and negotiation required for property division.

How do I prepare myself and my children for divorce?

Going through a divorce can be an emotionally difficult time for both spouses. You may have disputes about who gets the house and be forced to face other property division issues, alimony or spousal support, as well as child custody and child support issues if you have kids. It may be difficult to keep your emotions in check during these difficult times, and it is not uncommon for heated arguments to break out during the divorce process.

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