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How do Missouri divorces stack up against the rest of the nation?

When a divorce is a mutual-decision, the process can still be taxing on emotions, and the stress associated with all aspects of a divorce may take its toll on the already-strained relationship between spouses.

If children are involved, this stress can be compounded. Disagreements over child custody and child support are not uncommon, and if no resolution can be made, the case is brought to court to decide. Add to it deciphering between marital and non-marital property, and the social strains associated with divorce, and it is no wonder why so many couples have a bitter breakup. But, not all couples break up amidst strained relationships. Some divorces are amicable. And, Missouri residents may be proud to learn that they are one of the more amicable populations when it comes to breakups.

A recent study revealed that Missouri has more cordial divorces than more than half the United States. Coming at the top of the list was Vermont, closely followed by Oregon and Rhode Island. Alabama ranked at the bottom as having the highest percentage of disagreeable divorces in the country.

One way to help prevent a messy divorce is to create a prenuptial agreement. With a prenup, most decisions regarding a divorce are decided upon and put into writing before the marriage. This allows both sides to be on the same page if a divorce were to occur. Perhaps it is simply because couples in the "Show Me State" are more open when it comes to relationships and understandings. Or perhaps they understand how prenups can help them. We may never know why, but we do now that prenuptial agreements can certainly help.

Source: Webster County Citizen, "Where are the nation's most amicable divorces? New study shows Missourian couples are having bitter free break ups," Oct. 5, 2015

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