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Couples in St. Charles may wait until after holidays to divorce

Sometimes it is done to avoid awkward moments at family gatherings during the holidays. It may also be to provide the kids with a happy time while vacationing. Other times it is representative of "turning a page" and starting off the new year with a fresh start. Regardless of the reason or reasons, studies show that married couples often wait until after the holiday season to proceed with their divorce.

According to the study, December typically has the lowest divorce rates, with the numbers increasing at the start of the new year and ultimately peaking in the month of March. In 2012, the legal research website FindLaw even declared March as "Divorce Month."

The decisions may also be financial in nature. According to a family law attorney, people spend their money, during the holiday season, on gifts for other people and on gatherings with friends and family; after the holidays, however, they can start saving enough money to pay an attorney and begin the divorce process.

Finances will also come into play during the divorce. In addition to child support, separating couples will also need to work with each other and negotiate a fair property division. If they cannot come to an agreement, the court will decide property division issues for the divorcing spouses.

The decision to divorce is never an easy one. A lifelong pact is being broken, and if children are involved, it ultimately is impossible to fully "move on" from your soon to be ex-spouse. Yet, divorce is often the answer for unhappy couples, and once couples get beyond the grieving period, they learn that the decision is often the best for all parties involved, including their children. People in St. Charles who are considering divorce should understand all of the legal steps involved, as well as all of the divorce issues that they will need to address.

Source: Miami Herald, "Studies show couples wait until after holidays to divorce," Tim Grant, Accessed on Dec. 15, 2015

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