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Is it worth fighting for the house in a divorce in Missouri?

Regardless of the length of the marriage, when a couple marries and settles down in a home that home offers an unparalleled level of comfort for many. A divorce will inevitably mean that at least one, or both parties, will move out, and the home will either be sold or bought out by the other spouse to stay. In Missouri, equitable division determined by the court will help determine how much of the value of the house goes to each party.

What Missouri residents need to know about grandparents rights

Over the years studies have shown that grandparents not only bond with their grandchildren, but that the relationship between a grandparent and a grandchild can help with a child's upbringing. With this in mind, states have various statutes in place to see that a grandparent's visitation rights are met.

Understanding how an inheritance is handled during a divorce

Most states, including Missouri, follow equitable distribution when determining property division during a divorce. This means that judges will, based on their own judgment, determine how the property is divided fairly. This may mean that the spouse who had earned the least amount of income receives more than the other spouse. This is also applicable to property that is purchased while in the marriage.

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