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Did you know March is Divorce Month?

Over the last half decade or so, within the divorce industry, the month of March has earned the title "Divorce Month," as man Missouri lawyers and courts note a surge in divorce, or at the very least, divorce inquiries. With over 5.1 million views per month, leading consumer focused website, Findlaw.com says that searches for "divorce," "family law" and "child custody" jump 50 percent from December to January, and continues to run high through March. But, what would lead to such a spike in divorce during the month of March?

Who gets the engagement ring following a divorce in Missouri?

Often, the definitive symbol of a marriage, an engagement not only holds sentimental value, but often holds significant monetary value as well. This is especially true for high profile and wealthy couples, where the value of the ring can reach hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars in value. So, what happens to the ring while a married couple is in the process of a Missouri divorce and is divvying up their marital property?

Madonna in international child custody dispute

Once a Missouri child custody arrangement has been established, it is important for both parties to adhere to the decision that was either agreed upon or determined in court. Pop star Madonna knows this first hand as she continues an on-going battle with film director Guy Ritchie, her ex-husband and father of her 15-year-old child. Richie lives in the United Kingdom, and Madonna in New York City. She recently filed a motion against Ritchie in the New York Supreme Court to get her son back.

Some tips on the Missouri child custody process

Divorce can be an emotional rollercoaster for all Missourians involved -- the wife, the husband, as well as any children involved in the marriage. With so much on the line, whether it is Florida property division, spousal support, alimony, child support or child custody, it may be difficult to think rationally. Moreover, it can be even harder to make decisions that consider everyone's personal situation and how the decisions will ultimately affect him or her.

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