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How should I deal with child custody problems?

If you are involved with a divorce and there are children from the marriage, it is highly likely that you will still need to maintain a relationship with your ex-spouse. Maintaining a copasetic relationship with your ex-spouse may be easier said than done though, depending on the nature of the divorce and the personalities of both sides.

When it comes to child custody and child visitation rights, it is important that both sides adhere to the courts decisions when it comes to child custody and visitation rights. Obviously, with situations in life always in a state of flux, it is not always possible to set one schedule and maintain it throughout a certain length of time.

Work schedules change, jobs change, events are planned and change, and more. It is important to try to be as flexible as possible with the other parent, with expectations that the other person will be equally flexible, to keep the peace and assure that both parents get the appropriate time with their child or children. Most importantly, and what the courts will ultimately consider, is how the custody and visitation order affects the child or children.

If you feel that your child visitation rights are being violated, there are a few steps you may take to help resolve the situation. Try having a serious conversation with your spouse about the situation. Outline why you feel that your rights are not being properly addressed and try to come up with a mutually acceptable solution together. If this fails, people may need to speak with the courts to see if they can have their visitation order changed to properly address their concern.

Source: Findlaw.com, "Custody or Visitation Interference," Accessed on June 21, 2016

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