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Protecting your paternity rights

Although mothers are often awarded child custody following a divorce, the role of the father in a child's live is vitally important. In the recent past, courts have begun to properly acknowledge the importance, and make every effort to see that a father's paternity rights are followed and that the relationship with the child is properly met.

Recent technology has made determining paternity as easy as ever. In the past, possible fathers had to go through lengthy, costly and time consuming testing to determine a child's father. Today, a simple swab sample from the inner cheek of a father and child is enough to determine paternity via DNA testing.

For decades, the law offices of Turken and Porzinski, L.L.C., have been helping clients in the greater St. Charles, Missouri, area with all aspects of family law. Whether it is divorce, child visitation and custody, child support, spousal support or alimony, complex divorce litigation, the division of marital property and debt, complex property division or paternity, our firm is here to help.

It is often difficult to think clearly when in the process of a divorce. Emotions run high, advice, whether good or bad, is given by family and friends and it is often difficult for a spouse to focus on what's important and what needs to be done. During these trying times, it may be beneficial to have a strong, dedicated team to help people along the way and to assure that their needs and wishes are met when in a court of law. The other side will have a strong team at their side, and so should you.

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