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Navigating custody disputes by focusing on the best interests

No one gets married with the expectation that they will get a divorce. But, with a reported divorce rate of nearly 50 percent, married couples in Missouri and elsewhere are aware of the possibility of dissolution. When a married couple decides that a divorce must move forward, this invokes the decision-making process for many troubling and difficult issues. And, when children are involved, each and every one of these decisions is likely to impact the children.

Helping you navigate a paternity dispute

Missouri residents may face their fair share of family law issues throughout life, and a growing number of them may face paternity issues. When there is a dispute concerning the paternity of a child, this not only impacts the father or mother asserting or denying the claim, but also the child at the heart of it. Thus, it is important that paternity is treated like the sensitive issue that it is, because establishing paternity is not always an easy process to go through.

How is paternity established in Missouri?

Not all families are the same; some might be mixed families, others might be divorced and even some might only be run by a single mother. While it is typical to find various family types in Missouri and other states across the nation, paternity is a growing issue when it comes to fathers obtaining parental rights or mothers seeking child support from an alleged father.

How to handle visitation rights in Missouri

During the process of a divorce, if there are children involved it will need to be determined how to handle visitation rights between the custodial and non-custodial parent. Ideally, both parents can work together to come up with an amicable plan - something that is both mutually agreed upon and fair to both sides.

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