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Helping you navigate the property division process

Divorce is never easy to initiate. Even when spouses believe that the timing is right and it is the best step for them to take, it is an emotional and often complex process. Additionally, dissolution requires spouses to make serious and complex decisions. This can result in disputes, and even a lengthy process to sort through the issues and reach a resolution.

What factors should be consider during the property division?

For Missouri couples deciding to get a divorce, they likely thought the biggest and most challenging decision they needed to make in the process was to file for dissolution. While this is a major and life-changing choice, there are many important decisions to make and factors to consider throughout the divorce process. One contentious issue during the divorce process is property division. Many spouses find themselves disputing over who gets what and whether they are entitled to something over their ex.

How a team of professionals can help in a high asset divorce

Going through dissolution can be a messy time for spouses. Many couples in Missouri attempt to navigate this process on their own; however, in cases of a high asset divorce, it is often challenging to weed through all the information, documents, assets and properties involved in the marriage. Therefore, it is often helpful to have a team of professionals when going through a high asset divorce.

Big money divorce between Mark Pincus and Alison Gelb Pincus

Divorce is often described as messy by Missouri couples who have gone through the process, but nothing makes the processes messier or more complex than money. More money often means more problems, and a high asset divorce is likely to have its fair share of problems and disputes. This is often true even when a prenuptial agreement was signed before the marriage.

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