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How a team of professionals can help in a high asset divorce

Going through dissolution can be a messy time for spouses. Many couples in Missouri attempt to navigate this process on their own; however, in cases of a high asset divorce, it is often challenging to weed through all the information, documents, assets and properties involved in the marriage. Therefore, it is often helpful to have a team of professionals when going through a high asset divorce.

The emotions and disputes can often be in full swing during a high asset divorce. This is especially true when spouses make the matter all about the money. Because each spouse seeks to protect their rights and leave their union with what is rightfully theirs, he or she will likely have a legal professional assist them in the matter.

Additionally, an accountant can help a spouse and their attorney gain a better understanding of their financial situation. A forensic accountant could also help uncover assets. This is helpful in matters where a spouse believes that their soon-to-be ex-spouse is hiding assets. A forensic accountant also gives an estimated value of any businesses involved in the divorce.

Financial advisors are also helpful in a high asset divorce. These professionals can help a divorcing couple reach a divorce settlement. Prior to reaching a settlement, financial advisors help spouses assess their current situation, considering all assets and liabilities. Additionally, these professionals help explain benefits plans and how they could be treated and impacted in the divorce process.

Finally, therapists are also excellent professionals to include in a high asset divorce. This can help spouses deal with the emotional problems generated by the marriage and the divorce process. It can also help maintain good mental health in the post-divorce life.

While it might seem overwhelming to include a wide variety of professionals in the divorce process, this could be a helpful step to take if you are going through a high asset dissolution. If you are dealing with this or any other divorce issue, it is important to understand your rights and options to reach a fair and timely divorce decree.

Source: Worth.com, "Do I really need a "team" of professionals to help me avoid the pitfalls of divorce?" Douglas J. Hoover, accessed April 13, 2017.

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