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Common issues with paternity actions and current paternity laws

Securing parental rights is important for individuals in Missouri and elsewhere. However, some presumed fathers find it challenging to initiate and progress through paternity issues. Whether they seek to establish paternity to gain parental rights or prove that they are not the father in order to terminate child support obligations, going through a paternity action is often difficult and does not always have favorable results.

Woman in same-sex divorce granted father's rights of child

Child custody matters can be very complex, and they can look very different from family to family. The needs of each parent can often be focused on, even though the ultimate goal is to fulfill the best interests of the child. The dynamics of the family going through the divorce process often plays a major role, and it can be a pivotal factor in court when a judge is determining the best custody arrangement for a divorcing family in Missouri and other states.

What steps are taken for child support enforcement?

There are many difficult decisions divorcing parents in Missouri and elsewhere must make. And even when custody and child support orders are agreed to and in place, this does not always mean that parents will not have to re-visit these matters. They may, at times, just have to demand that the rules be followed. In fact, if a parent fails to keep up with child support payments, the other parent has legal steps afforded to them to help them enforce a child support order.

Understanding the ins and outs of child support

Being married with children can be a joyful and eventful experience. However, being divorced with children can be a complex and emotional matter. For Missouri parents going through a divorce, there are many serious matters to address and difficult decisions to make. One of these choices relates to the financial wellbeing of the child or children. While it can be difficult to reach a final agreement, it can be a very important divorce issue to resolve.

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