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How an ugly divorce could impact the health of a child

When a marriage is clearly no longer working, it is often easier for couples with no children to file for divorce. However, having children does not mean that a couple will not file for dissolution, but it can further complicate their situation. Divorcing with children means making serious and difficult decisions that will impact the children immediately and for years to come. Thus, it is important to understand how divorce could affect your children and what options you might have to remedy this situation.

How can co-parents prepare for the upcoming school year?

Now that summer vacation is in full swing, parents in Missouri and elsewhere are prepared to enjoy the summer time with their children. For divorced parents, the summer schedule was likely agreed to months ago; however, there are probably some kinks that will need to be addressed along the way.

Offshore accounts used by wealthy ex-spouses to hide assets

When couples in Missouri divorce, they often seek to move forward with the process so they can start their single post-divorce life. However, the procedure to get from filing for divorce to a divorce decree can be rather lengthy and complex. This is especially true for couples going through a high asset divorce. In some cases, spouses will go to great lengths to protect property from the divorce, even going as far as hiding it from their ex. This could present some major problems, especially if these assets are uncovered during dissolution.

Helping you navigate a high asset divorce

Divorce is difficult no matter your financial situation; however, for wealthy couples, dissolution can bring additional issues and disputes. The property distribution and asset division process can be a contentious time, especially if a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement was not entered into and spouses cannot agree in the division of marital property.

What can the divorce process do and not do?

The complexities of dissolution are obvious to any couple in Missouri. Whether they are of average income or are a wealthy couple, the divorce process means taking the time to consider major factors of the relationship and the intended post-divorce life. While some couples understand the constraints and limitations of the process, others believe in the process delivering the divorce settlement they desire.

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